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Featuring Carly Nickel - Life Purpose Whisperer

November 21  |  4-8pm

4527 56th Street, Wetaskiwin

Free Services

Chair Massage with Ian
Mini Organic Facials with Ruth
Mini Reiki Sessions with Allie

Free Appetizers!

Appointments are highly recommended.

Please bring a food bank donation.

Paid Services

Beginning at 11am

Palm Readings with Carly

$30 - 20 Minutes

Cash Only

Appointments are highly recommended.

Please bring a food bank donation.


5:00pm | Two Massages treatments (2 draws)

6:00pm | Two Full Organic Facials (2 draws)

7:00pm | Two Reflexology treatments (2 draws)

7:30pm | Day at the Spa ($399 value)

Black Friday Specials

Beginning November 21st

50% off Laser Hair Removal

Any area, Any number of treatments

Purchase 2 Reiki treatments and receive a FREE Express Facial

1 Month Infrared Sauna and Whole Body Vibration Membership

Pay only $97. Save $48.

20% off all products

Except Ideal Protein

Palmistry with Carly

Learn about what the lines and fingerprints on your hands can tell you. I'll answer questions that may be on your mind like "Does a short life line mean I'm going to die young?" or  "Does my hand tell me when I'll get married?"

We will also explore one of the juiciest line on your hands called the heart line. Learn about the 4 main types and what they mean, which one you have, and how it applies to your life.

Walk Fit with Zaheen

WALK 15® takes group fitness to a new level. It is a low impact, multi muscle, calorie torching, walking based workout - with very effective results! Anyone - all fitness levels can do it!

Why WALK 15®? It is our special feature! The music is paced so 15 minutes signifies the time (speed/pace) of most miles... an average pace of 4 mph. Move in many different directions, add a strength component and the result is a high calorie, health enhancing, FUN workout!

Healing with Reiki

Reiki is administered by “laying hands on”, the practitioner focuses on the 7 main chakra centres and energetic meridians in the body. It is based on the idea that an unseen “life force energy” flows through us and is what allows us to be alive. If ones “life force energy” is low, then we are more likely to become sick or feel stressed and fatigued. If the energy is restored to its balance we are more capable of being grounded, happy and healthy. In a reiki session the practitioner acts in the same way as a metal rod conducting electricity or heat energy from source to its destination and throughout it.

Self Defense

We don’t waste time with useless, antiquated techniques. We focus only on teaching thorough, strategic personal protection.

We will focus on 2 aspects:

  • ENVIRONMENTAL TACTICS: Use your environment to your advantage. Understand escape and evasion tactics by using your body.
  • PHYSICAL PROTECTION: Easy-to-learn and practical under the pressure of threat. Discover techniques that work for everyone but more importantly, techniques that you can rely on.

Facial 101 with Ruth

Your skin is the largest organ and sheds dead skin every day, but you require a proper routine to completely eliminate dead skin from your pores and encourage the production of collagen and elastin in the skin's surface to slow down the skin's aging process. An effective skin care regime includes exfoliation, cleanser, toner and moisturizer. You will feel an amazing difference in your skin after a basic treatment of:

  • ‍Exfoliating and cleansing to remove dead skin cells
  • Fruit masque with booster to clean out the pores and strengthen collagen and elastin
  • Moisturizer for calming, balancing, and preventing further dryness