Allie Bolton

Allie has always known she wanted to help people in any way she could. Throughout her journey she has been a support for people in her life who were faced with mental illness and emotional traumas, as well as overcoming her own challenges.

In taking on this role, she pursued her education in Social Work and began working with youth and young adults that live with mental illness, addiction, trauma, and adversity. Allie’s passion for helping others lead her to an awareness of her empathic nature and she began to explore this in a different context.

She discovered her passion in holistic and natural healing and pursued her certification as a Reiki Master. Allie loves to learn new ways to help others and expand her skills, she has explored crystal therapy and other techniques and is currently pursuing her certification to be a holistic wellness coach. Allie’s goal is to be a support for her clients on their own wellness journeys, helping them to discover their best self and reach their full potential.

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