Fallaine Matula

Ever since she was a child, Fallainedelighted in helping others and therefore decided her purpose in life was to beof aid to others. Furthermore, she took a great deal of interest in health &wellness.  This would lead to an initialinterest in medicine, which would later lead Fallaine to finally becoming anRMT. Jumping from wanting to become a doctor to wanting to become a massagetherapist was not much of a stretch. It would still entail helping others butwould align more with Fallaine’s beliefs and values for the need of holisticmedicine. Not to mention all the doors it would open for her to explore her passionsin health & wellness in a holistic manner.

Fallaine excelled in massage therapyschool, graduating from MH Vicars School of Massage Therapy in Calgary withhonours. She took her studies very seriously and will carry this work ethicover into continuously improving her practice. Additionally, she is certifiedin Seminars for Health Orthopedic Massage course. A course designed to mastersoft tissue manipulation, palpation and connection with the musculoskeletalsystem.

Fallaine is excited to grow her client basewith Shanti Wellness Centre by promoting an over-all sense of wellbeing throughmassage therapy.

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