Authentic Japanese Karate

We are not offering fitness classes until further notice.


 Karate Programs for Adults, Parents and Children.

Classes every Monday at 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

  • Starts: January 6, 2020
  • Fee: $175 plus GST for the Semester
  • (Children age 6+)

Program Description: We are a branch club of the Mumonkan Dojo. The Mumonkan Dojo is the only one outside of Japan to exclusively teach the legendary world renowned Motobu-ryu Karate directly under Grandmaster Motobu Chosei Soke, a direct descendent of the Royal Family of Okinawa and the son of the legendary Bushi Choki Motobu - who is one of the main Grandmasters responsible for Japan's introduction to Karate. 

Starts January, 2020.

Our Chief Instructor, being a former Police Officer, brings an advanced level of depth, experience and psychology for maximum benefit of all our students adult and children alike, rare to any martial art programs or clubs.

We strive to give you the best training with the highest standards in skill development that has for years brought international respect, recognition and opportunities to our organization.

CHILDREN'S PROGRAMS, in addition to teaching fundamentals skills of karate do, address the psychology of self-esteem, resistance to peer pressure, the art of paying attention, courtesy, responsibility, maturity and ethics, so many times neglected or lacking in our day and age. The students are also taught how to resolve conflict without resorting to physical aggression as well as how to avoid and get out of potentially dangerous situations, including bullying or physical attack.

ADULTS' (and PARENTS') PROGRAMS through our unique teaching methodology offer solid physical training, teaching self-protection fundamentals, concepts and skill sets of Karate-do, Okinawan Jujutsu and Kobudo Weaponry with expertise like no other. Our goal is to turn you into an exceptionally skillful, efficient, knowledgeable and intelligent practitioner of the arts, both physically and mentally. And we know how to do it. You are invited to join us and experience this journey for yourself.

For over 20 years in Edmonton and elsewhere, on numerous occasions, our teachings have saved many of our students and family members from situations of immediate danger and bodily harm. This is a fact that we are very grateful for and a testament for the training we provide.

The high quality of instruction with its professional attitude presented in a safe, courteous, and respectful atmosphere. This, above all, makes our programs an enjoyable activity of choice and the knowledge gained, a valuable skill for life.


What we have is very hard to find.  

Our Mumonkan Dojo is listed, registered, recognized and recommended as the Canada dojo for students and instructors to train in, by several Japanese and Okinawan organizations.Our Instructors continue to train in Japan and Okinawa in Karate-do. They are tested, actively licensed and directly presented with hard earned authentic Japanese rank plus teaching credentials while in Japan, by centuries old legitimate Japanese authorities. Our Chief Instructor is a former Police Officer with over 25 years of martial art experience, holding a Shihan Master Instructor license directly from Kyoto, Japan as well as a separate Jun Shihan title directly from Osaka, Japan (Motobu-ryu).

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