Shanti Wellness Centre started as a dream in early 2009 and became a reality in the fall of 2009 when a lot of planning, hardwork and love went into constructing the Centre from an empty bay to what it is today.

Zaheen Nanji, speaker and NLP Practitioner, and Badur Nanji, Registered Massage Therapist, co-founded the Centre in Wetaskiwin, Alberta - their home town.

Shanti, in the Hindi language, stands for Peace/Calm/Silence depending in the context it is used in. Their philosophy of wellness encompasses the mind, body and spirit with a balanced flow of energy. Their mission is to provide this balance together with peace and harmony so you can establish a healthier lifestyle proactively.

What is Wellness?

Did you know:

Most of us wait for the dis-ease to appear before we react to make changes or become customers of the pharmaceutical industry. Wellness starts in the mind and this has been very evident in cultures such as Asian, South Asian and the Native Indian. Our philosophy of wellness encompasses the mind, body, spirit as a whole with a balance flow of energy and at Shanti Wellnes Centre we strive to offer comprehensive products and services where you can feel better, increase energy, become healthy and enhance your physical and emotional well being so you can improve your quality of life proactively.

Let our practitioners and therapists guide you and help you meet your needs of mind, body and spirit.

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