Badur Nanji

Badur's journey into massage therapy began about 20 years ago when he had a retail store in Wetaskiwin called, What's In Store. His customers would complain of headaches and he would do a quick massage on their neck and head to relieve it. As he says, "it was just a hobby then."

When he moved to Wetaskiwin in 2001 with his wife - Zaheen, Mr. Bud Siler entered his life. Mr. Siler, a man in his seventies, made fishing hooks and Badur who's an avid fisherman and loves to hunt, frequented Bud's house. During his visits, Badur would massage Bud's legs because he had a difficult time walking and Bud would rave about how good his legs felt after.

In 2004, Badur and Zaheen visited her family in Kenya and there he'd massage people in pain - again as a hobby, and he genuinely wanted to help relieve their pain. One woman in particular, dropped her walking cane and walked in a straight line after two massage treatments. To this day she still calls Badur 'a healer'.

Badur is a registered massage therapist with 2200 hours and he is also certified with James Wasalaski in orthopedic massage for lower body conditions. In the last 4 years since we started Shanti Wellness Centre, clients from Fort  McMurray, Calgary and Innisfail make appointments just to come and see him.

Badur was once asked what he thinks to himself before he starts a massage. He answered, "How can I solve this client's problem or pain? What can I do to ensure he/she can walk out of here 10 times better."

Badur is also karate instructor (link to karate) and an Agatsu kettlebell instructor (link to kettlebell).

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