There are different times in our lives where we might feel down and would like to talk to someone outside our normal circle.  Speaking to a profession who in unbiased and outside the situation is sometimes the healthiest option for a person’s mental and emotional state. - and where we do we even start to find a therapist?

While most of us have been or know how traditional therapy works where you sit down and get counsel from a psychologist or therapist at their offices, there are now online-therapists available for the same reason.  Online therapy has become very popular as an alternative form of therapy with good reason.

There are many benefits of Online Therapy and below are just five of them.

1. Very convenient:

The convenience of online therapy is a real benefit since both the patient and the therapist can schedule the sessions for any time of day or night.  By having sessions from your home, it can also be a much more comfortable setting to have a therapy session.  You can schedule it at night, on the weekends, or whenever works best for your schedule.  

2. More affordable than traditional therapy

Online therapy is a lot less expensive than normal, traditional therapy and can be very easily paid out of pocket.  It’s a great alternative for those who want to seek help but their health insurance doesn’t cover therapy.  In fact, many insurance companies will even cover this form of therapy because it is much less expensive.  

3. No commute

Since you have your therapy sessions at home, there is no need to fight traffic or even pay for parking to get to your therapists office.  If you live in a more remote area, there are probably a lot fewer choices of therapists and with on-line therapy, it doesn’t matter where you live.  Further, it widens the pool of the different therapists that you can connect with on a personal level and that feels right for you.

4. More privacy

There are some of us who would rather have our therapy sessions feel much more private and not see or bump into another person seeking therapy.  Many of us are a bit shy and feel much more able to speak to someone that is not in a face-to-face setting making online therapy very appealing.

5. Different Ways to Communicate

With online therapy, there are many different ways to communicate.  If you prefer to speak to someone on the phone, that’s an option.  Or maybe you want to live chat or even do a video conference or skype your session.   You can communicate in the way you feel most comfortable and that works best for you personally.

There are many benefits of online therapy and it truly is a great alternative to the traditional model.  Whether you want one session or five, online therapy can making get help or advice that much easier.

We have offered you a review guide of various online therapy programs, put together by a third party. You can find a comparison of 19 different online therapy apps and experiences with each of them.

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