Life in the 21st century is as busy as ever, and convenience remains one of the most important aspects of a successful business for consumers with hectic schedules and to-do lists.

It’s no surprise then that fast food franchises have thrived historically and continued to do so. However, it is also well known that the typical fast food menu is stuffed with some of the least healthy options available to man-kind.

However, it’s possible to make healthier food choices at fast food joints. 

The most important move we can make to create healthier fast food choices is to become better-informed consumers.

For example, not all menu items, sandwiches or burgers are created equal, and a lower calorie choice is often available for the same price at fast food joints that can help mitigate the damage.

In fact, a study from the American Economic Journal found that “calorie information reduces calorie intake.” Thus, by knowing the general calories in different popular options such as a hamburger versus a chicken wrap would help to create more informed choices.

In a study performed in the same journal, appetite researchers purposely mislabeled certain foods as “healthy”, and they found “participants ate about 35% more when the snack was regarded as healthy than when it was seen as unhealthy”.

We usually choose fast food joints out of convenience due to a lack of time. But you can get healthy options from a grocery store too! Most grocery stores now provide lunch and dinner options such as: hot soups, hot and cold buffets, rotisserie chickens, sushi, and more.

Fast food joints thrive on convenience, especially with a stressed consumer base which defers to poor choices. We’re all busy, and we all value convenience.

Fast food is the fastest and most convenient meal option when busy, BUT you can make healthier choices at fast food joints by getting educated on healthy choices and being mindful of your tendencies.

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