Dr. Bruce Hoffman is one of my co-authors in the book, Unlock the Power of You – 12 Keys to Health, Happiness and Success. In his chapter he explains there is a difference when he sees patients who just want to manage their symptoms versus patients who want to completely eliminate symptoms, achieve a positive state of well-being and reveal a desire to be whole. However, this usually happens when there is a conflict around the midpoint of their lives. Dr. Hoffman goes on to explain that symptoms arise as a result of a discrepancy between what our ego wants (first-half of life endeavours) and what our deepest unconscious self-desires (aspirations of second-half of life).

Our deepest self-desires are usually clouded by life’s demands and our vague value system, but a time comes when our soul is seeking to be heard and it is at this point symptoms often start appearing. These symptoms serve as feedback from our core self, drawing attention to what we are neglecting most within us. The author suggests that actively listening to our bodies or listening to the whisperings from our unconscious are symbolic ways of seeing issues that we cannot see or understand with our ego minds.

I can relate to what Dr. Hoffman is explaining. I have seen many clients who have digestion issues and these are exacerbated when they are under immense stress. I have also noticed, my shoulders and neck start hurting when the week starts out slow at our wellness centre. Early this year I suffered an eye infection- my second one - and our spiritual detox coach, Amanda Dietrich, stated that I was refusing to see something. She was right! In March, I broke down and cried (which I hardly do – it takes a lot for me to cry) because I was mentally and physically exhausted. I also felt like I wasn’t giving attention to my speaking career, which brings me happiness, and I was being pulled in different directions. I wasn’t listening to my body and my needs. I believe my symptoms were trying to tell me to slow down and see within. It was then I made some decisions to eliminate, delegate and change some of things I was doing so I could have more me time and give time to that which brings me happiness.

Since then, my energy has returned full swing, our wellness centre is picking up in areas that started out slow this year and I feel great about the decisions I made rather than feeling guilty! It’s amazing that once we decide to make changes, our mind starts to feel better and our bodies heal so much more quickly.

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