Organic Wellness Treatments

Organic Wellness Treatments

Shanti's Organic Face Treatment

Treatment using Vita-Skin Vitamin Solutions. For anti-aging, acne prone skin and for sensitive and rosacea prone skin. 

1 treatment -  $75

3 treatments - $205

Your skin is the largest organ and sheds dead skin every day, but you require a proper routine to completely eliminate dead skin from your pores and encourage the production of collagen and elastin in the skin's surface to slow down the skin's aging process. An effective skin care regime includes exfoliation, cleanser, toner and moisturizer. 

You will feel an amazing difference in your skin after a basic treatment of:

  • ‍Exfoliating and cleansing to remove dead skin cells
  • Fruit masque with booster to clean out the pores and strengthen collagen and elastin
  • Moisturizer for calming, balancing, and preventing further dryness
My face felt and looked really good. I have funny story for you, when I got back to Edmonton after the treatment, we went to Southgate Mall and while walking past David's Tea, the girl offering samples said to me she saw my mother there the other day. I laughed and said, "That was me!" and she replied, "No no,,,what?" :)

     ~ Alena

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