While I was at a conference on marketing for authors, I learned about an Eastern Mythology figure called 'Preta' aka 'Hungry Ghost'. Now this had nothing to do with marketing, but an author who writes horror was talking about his book cover and I got intrigued about hungry ghosts.

Preta's are found in Indian and Buddhist scriptures and are ghosts that suffer in the afterlife  because they are always hungry and thirsty. They have an insatiable appetite and eat everything because they are never satisfied.

This got me thinking because it sounded very similar to what my clients would say to me:

"I'm always hungry""I just ate and I'm full but if I'm offered anything else, I can still eat""I'm not satisfied""I don't know when I'm hungry"

Now I'm not trying to scare you - I'm not saying you are Preta or have a Preta within you. I'm comparing the subtle meaning behind our struggles with weight with this mythological figure. You will agree that most times we have a poor relationship with food and we self sabotage our efforts because of we are not satisfied within ourselves. Most of it comes down to self-love and self-worth and I know you have heard this from many gurus and you may think, "What a bunch of crap, I love myself!" 

My question to you is: "If you love yourself and respect your self-worth, then what's holding you back?"

Don't let your inner fears make you behave like a Preta. Unlike a Preta, you have a heart, you have soul. Nourish it with love and respect and learn how to satisfy that part of you by embracing yourself instead of battling with yourself. 

Zaheen Nanji, is a Resilience Champion and owner of Shanti Wellness Centre. Her book, Attract Your Ideal Weight, won a bronze medal from Global E-book Awards.

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