Chronic pain doesn’t play by the rules. It’s unfair and stops us in our tracks. According to a 2019 study, it’s the number one cause of disability globally. And it has a number of different causes and triggers.

Luckily, the science around pain management has greatly increased in recent years. Now, it’s easier than ever to understand and manage chronic pain. Medication and treatment help is available — all you need to do is seek it out by talking to your doctor about the best treatment plan for you. And don’t pay mind to the negative societal stigma around prescription pain medication. Used responsibly, it helps nearly two-thirds of those with chronic pain.

Once you’ve gotten a solid understanding of your pain by talking to your doctor, you should shift your focus to lifestyle changes you can make to increase your quality of life. Sleep, diet, exercise and stress are all linked to how our bodies experience pain.

For a better understanding of changes you can make today, check out the visual below: