As an authorized centre featuring Ideal Protein weight loss method, many potential clients are worried about deprivation because it is  a low carb program. On the contrary, we have had clients join the program and comment on how they do not feel deprived and we believe it is for the following reasons:

  • ‍Ideal protein’s goal is for the client to have a pleasurable and effective experience, and they do that by providing foods that give pleasure like the bars that contain, peanut butter, milk chocolate, lemon poppy, chocolate mint and caramel nut that satisfies the sweet tooth. They also provide chips to satisfy those with a ‘salty tooth’!
  • There are amazing recipes on the internet where clients on this program, from all over the world, have created unique waffles, breads, cookies and more from Ideal Protein foods. 
  • Once the blood sugar stabilizes in your body, cravings disappear.
  • During social events, proactive clients make phenomenal recipes out of Ideal Protein foods or vegetables and feed it to their friends – sense of deprivation doesn’t even exist.

No diet is easy and a person is only ready when they are fully committed and are willing to make a lifestyle change rather than looking it at it as a quick fix. This method also teaches you how to eat better during the maintenance phase and we have made this a mandatory part of the program at Shanti Wellness Centre.

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