Sometimes I feel helpless when my child is sick and there's not much I can do to help alleviate her discomfort or pain.

Have you felt that way?

This spring, our daughter, may have been going through hormonal changes (she is a tween!) because she started suffering from migraines.

Her symptoms would start with blurry vision, but then get progressively worse with each episode.

One morning her symptoms got unbearable where she couldn't even walk or remember her own name! After visiting the local ER, I was told to keep her hydrated and make sure she naps when this happens again.

"What? That's all!" I thought to myself.

Next day, she suffered another episode and couldn't sleep because her head hurt so much. I felt helpless!

"How can I comfort her?" I asked myself. Then I remembered my practice in reflexology and recalled some important acupressure points.

As I applied pressure to each point (see in the diagram), my daughter felt relaxed and fell asleep immediately. A few weeks later she had another episode and I applied the same acupressure points, and again, she immediately fell asleep.

Sometimes we forget that we have choices and alternatives, and tend to focus only on Western medicine as the answer. I'm guilty of that too! However, as a mother, I was trying to figure out that her symptoms were not related to anything else and it's always best to take that extra precaution.

If you or your child suffers from migraines, test out these points and let us know!

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