If you’ve ever struggled with falling asleep at night, you’re familiar with the frustration of tossing and turning. You’ve probably tried drinking less coffee, avoiding all unnatural light sources, and stopping activity before bedtime. For many of us, the solutions all seems to be about laying as still as possible and relaxing.

However there’s one bedtime routine that actually encourages you to move around: nighttime stretching. It may be counterintuitive, but for anyone who spends their day sitting at a desk, your body may be the main source of your sleep troubles. Not getting regular activity allows tension and stress to compound throughout your body, leading to an aching back and a restlessness at bedtime.

Incorporating stretching into your day can help ease those aches and pains, reduce stress, and help you wind down for sleep. It doesn’t have to take long, and once you get into the routine, it will increase your flexibility, reduce pain, and improve your quality of sleep. For a great nighttime routine, check out this great visual by Sleep Advisor:

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