The first time I stepped into a gym was in 2001. I had just started a new job and the “professional” clothes in my closet did not fit. I didn’t have money to spend on new clothes and I knew I couldn’t continue living on fast food.Something had to change!

I adopted a lifestyle that worked for me and these general tips can work for you too. Remember, you don’t have to start with all ten tips, but start with your best three and slowly incorporate the rest over time.

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1. Make Your Workout Worth It

If you want to get the most out of your workout, you need to remember that around 80% of the results that you get from your workout actually come from just 20% of your workout.  

That means that in an hour’s session, only 12 minutes of the workout will contribute to the bulk of your results. You need to make those minutes really count. Use compound movements that work more than one muscle group at a time to really make the most of your time.

2. Remember To Eat Healthy

Any body-shaping goals can only be achieved by eating a healthy diet. If you’re going to the gym so that you can go home and eat a double triple cheeseburger with a 2-person serving of French fries, you won’t do your body any favors.  

You should make sure that you eat in moderation, and remember that if you’re burning off more calories, you will need to eat that little bit more so that you have enough energy. Balance your nutrition with proper macro-nutrients (fat, carbs and protein).

3. Change Your Eating Habits

You need to make sure that you not only eat properly, you eat at the right times of the day. Skipping breakfast is a really bad idea and slows down your metabolism.

As I changed my lifestyle, I realized I had to plan and prep my meals on Sunday so I wouldn’t end up eating out or grabbing junk food from my pantry when I got home.

Batch your meals by freezing soups or stews; use a slow cooker or Instant Pot to prepare healthy meals while you’re at work.

4. Plan Out Your Routine

To make sure that you know just when you’re going to be working out and when you can look forward to some downtime, you really should come up with a plan and schedule your workouts in your calendar. Remember to include rest days and be realistic about how much time you can make free.  For example, even though I wake up early in the mornings, I use that time for my business and use the evenings for my workouts.

Every Monday and Wednesday I participate in Kettlebell workouts at Shanti Wellness Centre. Every Tuesday and Thursday I teach Walk Fit classes at the same location.

My rest days are Friday and the weekend.

Remember to stick to your schedule as much as possible so that you don’t slide into the habit of skipping your workouts.

5. Make A 100% Commitment

You need to remember that your body transformation needs complete dedication from you. You only get to live one life in that same body.

You can’t skip a day or two here and there, because you feel as though you deserve it. Plan when your rest day will be and stick to that. Even if you have a vacation planned, check out the local gym, and make sure to take at least 30 minutes out of each day to continue to work out.

As a speaker, I travel quite a bit and I make sure I either walk outside and take in the sights or go the hotel gym.

6. Don’t Let Preconceptions Put You Off

It’s easy to look at a bodybuilder, model or a movie star and suddenly panic if you’re trying to lose weight and develop a slender figure.  

The reality is that they spend hours in a gym and they have personal trainers. People like you and me have other responsibilities and it’s impossible to put in that much effort. Put your blinders on and only focus on yourself.

7. Keep It Simple

You should remember that you are only starting out with fitness. In order to avoid injury and to avoid putting yourself off continuing with your training, you should make sure that you familiarize yourself with the basics first.

Start off with some shorter sessions and then expand your workout as you become more confident and as your fitness, levels start to rise.

Enter your name in our 6-week Walk Fit challenge Wait List, complete with meal plans and recipes (only $197). Next one starts November 5 to December 14,2018

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